Thursday, July 1, 2010


First Hair-do

Actually, it was the second, but the first time it didn't last long enough to make it on film.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Bachelorette

Does anyone watch this show? Did Ty just say "the most rememberable?" Really? That's what it sounded like. . . .

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A letter

Dear friends and family:

Thank you for being patient for the last 3 months, during which I had zero blog posts. Here are a few new ones.

Until September,


Bree turns 1!

Bree turned one on June 19th. I, having just returned from Girls' Camp that day, left the festivities up to my mother-in-law (who watched Bree for the week) and my hubby. Everything was wonderful. Thank you, Marlena, for staying with Bree and for the excellent cake. She loved it!

Playing in the rain. . .

One of the things I love about South Carolina is the way a summer thunderstorm rolls in. They are usually in the evening, and they drop the temperature from about 95 down to 75 or 80. They bring super dark clouds and heavy rain. But, this was a rarity - a warm, heavy rain, but no thunder or lightning. So, Bree and I took advantage of it (she needed a bath anyway).

Trip West

We were able to take a one-week trip out west - with numerous stops. The first stop was Utah (Provo) to visit Christie & Steve, who just had a baby. Then we were off to Seattle to visit Chris & Ashle. And lastly, to Idaho to visit out good friends, the Pulsiphers. We had a really wonderful trip. A huge thank you to everyone that let us stay with them!

Utah Pics -

Miller (and Naegle) family photo in the park

A visit with out good friends, the Linds

Baby Blake on his blessing day

Seattle -
Finally reaching the top of our hike!

I couldn't get over how beautiful it was there. We even had a couple of nice days!

Mariner's game - Bree is thrilled

Bree with Wee Man in the park (basically C&A's back yard)
Idaho -

The first day we went to an indoor water park (due to cold, rainy weather). Bree LOVES the water.

Feeding the ducks at a park in downtown Spokane

Downtown Spokane

Lake Coeur d'alene (yes, I had to look up the spelling, again) with the Pulsipher family

Monday, March 1, 2010

This is what happens when. . .

You go to bed with wet hair. (I know, she's wearing white again, and it's not her color! Sorry, Mom).

PS. Diaper rash is virtually gone. No more pee sessions. YAY!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sounds good in theory. . .

Does anyone else think that letting your baby, with a horrendous diaper rash, crawl around without a diaper on plastic tablecloths is not such a good idea? In a period of time of about 30 minutes, she peed FIVE times. I'm tired of wiping up pee. I think her bottom is more wet than it would be WITH a diaper. I know urine is sterile, but this does not seem sanitary.

Am I missing something?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


ALREADY?? Bree is crawling, pulling up, falling down, eating solids (she had her first finger foods today), napping well, sleeping about 12 hours at night, getting into everything I DO NOT want her getting into and getting more adorable every day.

Bath Time Bubbles

We bought a 6 pack of bubbles to use in the tub with Bree. I think we'll have them until she's 16. At least we have extras in case of an emergency. And she LOVES her rubber ducks. I think she has 5 of them, and we try to keep one in the tub - she's always trying to take it with her when the bath is over.